My name is Diana Hurta, I am a business consultant and a successful entrepreneur. I am a Founder and Director of DH Accounts & Business Ltd, leading online multilingual accountancy and advisory firm in the UK.

I started my online business in accountancy accidentally, when I got very ill in 2014. Sadly my live changed and I was literally unemployable. I could barely walk, most of the days living in the pain. I decided instead of looking for a workplace, to create one for myself. In this situation and being housebound I was forced to use skills which I already had. Having experience in accounting & finance, combined with my academic knowledge in business management & corporate finance (graduated with honour in Lithuania), helped me to start my own online accountancy business.

At the beginning it was tough. However my effort was rewarded when I was nominated as a finalist at The British Accountancy Awards for Accountancy Practice Start-Up. The fact that the top experts of the industry appreciated my work boosted my confidence that I'm on the right path. Seeing my passion and persistence, my husband Petr Hurta joined in my business and the company was established in January 2016. I started gathering a team who can help me to realise my idea as my vision was to create a company which helps people to start, run, grow and develop business.

Now I am helping others who are struggling to start or develop business. I created my own system and I use my own proven techniques helping with growth of successful and profitable business.