10 Signs that you have a bad accountant

10 Signs that you have a bad accountant
The relationship between business owner and accountant is core to the success and profitability of your business. Ask yourself if your accountant:


1. Has relevant qualification and is up to date
2. Has work experience in UK professional firms
3. Is register under Money Laundering Regulation (MLR) and holds certificate from HMRC
4. Is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance
5. Truly understands a business and provides the support
6. Works with you to grow your business for the future
7. Helps you to save tax
8. Is approachable, friendly and provides jargon free advice
9. Does not do accounting at the last minute
10. Is really trustworthy


If you can answer yes to all 10 statements, we are genuinely pleased for you.


If you cannot answer yes to all 10 statements, it’s maybe a time to consider switching accountant.


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You might be wondering what is the benefit of switching accountant. We can certainly make sure you’re not paying too much tax, so you’re saving already – but there’s so much more we can do together. We’re here to give you business and financial guidance, support and encouragement whenever you need it.


The process of switching is simple and we can provide everything you need to ensure the smooth running of your business as well as helping you to maximise business grow, achieving your goals and plan for your future.


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